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The Conservatory Roof


We are a premier Leka Systems Fabricator

We have the facility to manufacture Leka Systems products at our facility and supply them across the UK.

The Leka Systems lightweight conservatory roof holds a notable edge over competitors due to its MFA approval, expediting building applications in the majority of instances. This accelerates the construction process and is a key factor that endears our system to installers.

MFA Approved

40 Years Warranty

Cost Effective

  • Tiled Warm Roof

  • Orangery Roof
  • Leka Xi Modular Building
  • Carport / Canopy

Why Choose Leka?

  • Lightweight Tiled Conservatory Roof

  • No outer plywood needed

  • Better lifespan

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  • More innovation less complexity

  • Glass reinforced plastic

  • Leka insulated board

  • Weighing within 10-12% of a traditional glass roof

  • Improved energy efficiency

  • U Value From 0.10

  • Unlimited Range of Styles

MFA Approved – Solid Conservatory Roof

The Leka Systems tiled conservatory warm roof, safeguarded by GB patent no. 2538540, stands out as one of the most cutting-edge roof systems in today’s market.

The MFA-approved Leka System represents a genuinely lightweight, tiled, solid conservatory roof with an industry-leading U value starting from an impressive 0.10.

We refrain from labeling the new LEKA System as a lightweight, energy-efficient roof system without substantiated facts. In reality, more traditional products and materials weigh nearly double that of a typical glass conservatory roof while possessing lower U values.

Don’t just take our word for it—compare the facts for yourself.

Faster Build Speeds

The Leka Systems lightweight conservatory roof holds a competitive edge as it is MFA approved, facilitating expedited processing of building applications in the majority of cases. This accelerates construction timelines and is a key factor contributing to the preference of installers for our system.

U Value From 0.10

Crucially, current conservatories typically don’t require additional structural bracing, although a suitability check is always advisable. This is pivotal in highlighting the exceptional lightweight nature of the Leka System. The system achieves this with an impressive overall U value starting from 0.10. A U value closer to 0 signifies superior insulation for the roof. Our warm roof conservatory stands out as one of the most thermally efficient options available in the market.

Improved Compatibility

Leka conservatory roof tiles seamlessly integrate with the majority of current conservatory structures and can serve as a replacement for traditional roofing systems in new builds. Despite weighing only slightly more than a typical glass roofing system, our system offers the advantages of enhanced warmth and diminished glare. In our view, it stands as the premier warm roof conservatory system available on the market.

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