Thermolite Garden Rooms


Using our existing innovative pod system Thermolite have created the most stunning, beautifully crafted garden rooms that will transform and expand your home living space forever.


All our garden rooms are pre-fabricated in our factory using our unique pod system. Our system means there is no timber cutting required on site. We believe in causing our customers the least amount of disruption possible during installation.


Years of planning and development with the latest manufacturing technology and our highly skilled design team has enabled us to create the perfect Warmer Room for our customers.


Would you like a home gym, office, or simply the chill-out room you have been craving? We will create a space perfectly suited to your needs.


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    Why Choose a Thermolite Garden Room?


    Our contemporary features and close eye for detail will set your Warmer Room apart from anything else available on the market. External soffits, along with a stunning gable overhand truly will bring your garden room to life.


    All our Warmer Rooms are finished with a smooth plaster finish and creating a blank canvas for you to add the finishing touches.


    We have a range of garden rooms to choose from or you can simply mix and match multiple garden rooms into your ideal design.

    Choose from either a flat roof, covered with EPDM Firestone rubber for durability or a duo pitched roofline covered with a wide range of tile options to blend in with your house tiles.

    Benefits of a Garden Room

    Bespoke Service

    We offer a bespoke service. Why not let us design your perfect Warmer Room from scratch

    Thermal Efficient

    An exceptional U-Value of 0.14 W/(m2K) helps keep your conservatory cool during the summer and retains heat during
    the winter.

    Building Control Approved

    The Warmer Roof has been tested and certified by JHAI, an accredited national building control approvals agency


    Make it your own with a choice of external and internal finishes such as soffit and pelmet details, roof glazing, tile options, cladding and flooring options.

    Robust Structure

    All our garden rooms are made from a robust, solid timber structure all supported by corner posts for maximum strength

    Quick Installation

    Our unique, pre-fabricated modular pod system ensures a speedy installation with minimal disruption to your home and garden.

    We are Eco-Friendly

    No construction material offers more environmental benefits than timber and all of our timber is sourced from responsible companies with sustainable forest regeneration programmes.




    Based here in Chester, we offer a local and convenient service to all our clients across the North Wales, Chester and Merseyside regions.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Do I need planning permission? 

    A: Not in most cases. Under permitted development rights you are able to construct a garden room providing it does not exceed more than 50% of the original garden space.

    The garden room must have a maximum eaves height of 2.5m with an overall height of 3m for a mono-pitched roof or 4m overall height for a duo pitched roof. Additional advice is available. Always check your individual circumstances.

    Q: What will the temperature be like inside my garden room? 

    A: Due to the high performing multi-layer insulation, your garden room will retain heat during the winter and be cool during the summer, saving you money on energy bills 

    Q: Will my new garden room feel dark inside? 

    A: No, your warmer room will feel bright and airy. Adding extra window options will help add natural light into your room. Adding internal spotlights will add light and also make your garden room feel like part of your home.

    Fall in love with your garden again with our Garden Room designs.

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