5 reasons for a conservatory

5 Reasons to consider a conservatory

If you’re looking to add more space, natural light and value to your home, have you considered adding a conservatory to your home? Are the kids’ toys overflowing from the lounge, or do you need a peaceful office space for working from home? What about that entertaining space you’ve always dreamed of, or just somewhere to appreciate the view of your garden? For over 30 years, Thermolite Roofs have helped homeowners build the conservatories of their dreams. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider adding one to your home, or upgrading your existing conservatory.

1.) Better Natural Light

5 reasons for a conservatory. With three walls of tall windows, will improve the amount of natural light entering your home. It is scientifically proven that natural light is good for us, having positive effects on us mentally and physically. Having a room where you can make the most of any natural light throughout the year will be beneficial to your health! Connecting the garden to your home with a conservatory makes the most of the natural light and fresh air, and creates an amazing entertaining space with protection from the elements.

2.) Adding Value to Your Home

5 Reasons for a conservatory, A cost-effective way to add value to your home and according to an article by On The Market, can add on average as much as 5%. A conservatory at the back of the house, with plenty of glass windows creates an attractive space allowing you to admire your beautiful garden rather than the road for instance.

Did you know?

The addition of a conservatory is also generally cheaper than a single story extension or moving house, and often attracts more buyers who see it as a lifestyle enhancing space

3.) Create Extra Floor Space

5 reasons for a conservatory. Adding a conservatory to your home can provide you with an extra room in your home. You can create a modern and stylish space of your choosing – maybe a dining room or a TV lounge, an extended area for the children to play in, or even a home office or craft area – all filled with health-boosting natural light. Check out our article 5 Ways to Use your Conservatory Roof Conversion for more inspiration.

The size of your conservatory is important – too small and you will limit the uses of your new room, and too large, you will sacrifice garden space – so thinking about the space you need and the use of the new room is important when considering the addition of a conservatory to your home – you can design your new room around your needs, adding heating, blinds and electric points.

Considering the direction of the sunlight is also important – stifling hot in the summer and freezing cold in the winter will not be energy efficient for you. The optimum position is facing southwest or south-east, providing enough sunlight that it doesn’t become overbearing through the heat of the summer.

4.) Energy Efficiency

5 Reasons for a conservatory. With the advancements in technology and the build quality of modern conservatories, you really can enjoy your newfound space all year round. The addition of a Thermolite Tiled Roof to your conservatory, rather than glass or polycarbonate, can make your new addition energy efficient and comfortable to spend time in, all year round. Our lightweight tiles are superior for thermal insulation and noise reduction. With the rise in energy costs this year your new conservatory will remain cool in the summer, and warm in the winter, even with large expanses of glass in the walls and the natural light will not be impeded.

5.) No Complicated Planning Permission Rules

5 Reasons for a Conservatory. Conservatories are considered to be permitted development as an addition to the property rather than a structural extension of your home. Planning Permission will depend on your local Council – so it is always a good idea to get some advice. At Thermolite, we can help you with this – please see our section on Planning Permission and Building Regulations.

Adding a conservatory, or upgrading your conservatory roof to a lightweight tiled option really is a valuable addition to any home. The ethos of our Company is to provide high quality conservatory conversions at competitive prices coupled with the kind of service which cannot be matched by national organisations. At Thermolite, we pride ourselves on our commitment to environmentally friendly working practices too so that you can be confident that your new conservatory stands the test of time.

5 reasons why you'd love a conservatory

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