5 Reasons to Upgrade your Glass Conservatory Roof to a Thermolite Tiled Roof

A conservatory provides an excellent additional space to your home – a multipurpose room that can bring the outside in, perfect for entertaining and relaxing whatever the weather. But, did you know that the roof you choose for your conservatory can make a big difference to your comfort, cost efficiency and enjoyment in that space? Traditionally conservatories are built with glass panel or polycarbonate panel roof panes because they are known for letting the light in, however, it is not always the best option and here are the reasons why:

Disadvantages of Glass or Polycarbonate Roofs

Unmanageable Light Conditions

Relaxing in your conservatory with a good book can be short lived once the bright sunlight intensifies during the day. There is always the option of installing blinds to your conservatory, however this is an expensive option and one that means shutting out the light and view of your garden in the summer.

Similarly in the winter, our days can be grey and dark, especially from the mid afternoon onwards. There is of course the option of adding lamps and overhead lighting to your roof – but this can often be difficult to install into the beams between the panels. The amount of light that you have in your conservatory, whether too much, or not enough, can affect the amount of time that you want to spend in your additional space. 

With a Thermolite tiled roof, you have the ability to really control the lighting conditions in your conservatory. The internal ceiling of your new roof is plastered and can be fitted with a lighting system of your choice – spotlights, dimmers or pendants. And, you can still take advantage of the natural light with the addition of a woof window or two!

Too hot or too cold

With intense sunlight, comes intense heat and humidity. The greenhouse effect occurs when the sunlight enters through the glass or polycarbonate roof panes and unfortunately the heat cannot leave the same way that it came in –  the inside of your conservatory is often hotter than it is outside in the garden! During the summer, opening windows and doors in your conservatory does help to bring the temperature down, but invariably you are still left with a stuffy and humid hothouse!

In the winter, the opposite effect occurs and you will find, with uninsulated glass or polycarbonate roof panels, that any heat that you do have in the conservatory is quickly lost as it rises out through the roof panels.

With a properly insulated and weather-proof tiled roof, you can rest assured that your conservatory will remain cool in the summer and warm in the winter – you can comfortably enjoy your conservatory all year around.

Energy efficiency

With the struggle to control the temperature in your conservatory, whether you are adding heaters to the room in winter or fans and air conditioning in the summer, you may notice a rise in your energy bills. Over time cracks and spaces can appear between the panels and the frame of the conservatory roof leaving you with unwanted draughts making it an uncomfortable place to spend time, especially in the winter.

If there are leaks in your conservatory roof, allowing water in, then they are definitely letting the heat out! If your conservatory isn’t well sealed from the weather, you can find yourself experiencing dampness, potentially reducing the overall life and efficiency of the room.

A poorly insulated conservatory roof of glass or polycarbonate will require you to consistently take measures to regulate the temperature if you want to use the room comfortably all year round. With the recent rise in energy prices, it could become very expensive for you.

A Thermolite tiled roof is insulated, weather and waterproof – no more draughts or leaks and no need to provide extra ventilation in the summer or heating in the winter!

Rain noise

If you have ever sat in your conservatory during a rain shower, you will appreciate just how loud the sound of the rain on a glass or polycarbonate roof can get. In the UK, we are never far away from the next shower and sitting down to dinner in your conservatory with friends can quickly be interrupted by the sheer noise of the rain above you. Unfortunately with glass and polycarbonate roofs, there really isn’t a solution to the problem of rain noise.

A tiled roof will dampen the sound of the rain, much in the same way as your tiled roof does on your home – making for a much more relaxing and peaceful space during one of our many rain showers!

Black Mould

With the difficulties in regulating light, humidity and temperature in your glass or polycarbonate roofed conservatory, it is inevitable at some point that you will have noticed condensation and probably, black mould around your roof, walls and fixtures. 

Stachybotrys Chartarum (Black Mould) thrives in moisture rich conditions – condensation and humidity for instance. The spores released from black mould can have several respiratory health implications, amongst others. Although black mould can be cleaned away with bleach products or other chemicals, it is best to deal with the root of the problem – a poorly insulated and ventilated glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof.

With glass and polycarbonate roof panels, you will probably find that you will always be confronted with condensation and the resulting mould in your conservatory. With a Thermolite tiled roof you can be confident that your properly insulated, water, weatherproof and ventilated conservatory will be free from condensation and mould.

Upgrade to a Thermolite Tiled Roof System

A solution to the problems above can be found in a Thermolite Tiled Roof conversion. Our highly insulated, lightweight tiled roof system ensures that your conservatory stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer, watertight, and ventilated. The solid roof provides a ceiling with built in lighting, with many options to create the perfect ambience in your conservatory.

At Thermolite, we can convert all types of conservatory roofs, large or small using high quality lightweight tiles, available in a choice of colours, which are superior for thermal insulation and also noise reduction. Your new conservatory roof can be watertight within a day! Have a look at our before and after photographs here for more inspiration.

More and more homeowners are realising that they can get a great deal more from their conservatory if they convert to a new lightweight tiled roof. See how we can help you today! Fill out a quick contact form or call 01244 888817 to book your free consultation.

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