How Can a Thermolite Conservatory Roof Save You Money?

Start reducing your energy bills with our highly insulated and lightweight tiled roof system.

With the recent rise in energy prices across the country you may well reach out for ideas on how you can save energy and lower your bills in the home .  Something you may have not yet considered is the conservatory! Have you ever stopped to consider whether it is as energy efficient as it could be? Did you know that glass or polycarbonate conservatory roofs can be one of the main causes for unnecessary energy loss in a home? Discover the key signs that your conservatory may be wasting you money.

3 signs that your existing conservatory roof may not be as energy efficient as you thought

Your heating bill is a lot higher.

A conservatory is a place to relax and enjoy the view of the garden, all year round, come rain or shine.  You may find that in the summer your conservatory is too hot – so you plug in an extra fan or two to cool it down – thus, using more electricity. Experiencing the opposite effect during the winter months, when it is often cold in there that you are turning the heating up, or plugging in an extra heater, to be able to make use of the extra room still.  

There are draughts in your conservatory.

An often invisible disadvantage of a glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof, is the draughts and cold spots. Over time cracks and spaces can appear between the panels and the frame of the conservatory roof leaving you with unwanted draughts making it an uncomfortable place to spend time, especially in the winter. Traditional glass or polycarbonate roofs are often poorly insulated too.

It leaks when it is raining.

If there are leaks in your conservatory roof, allowing water in, then they are definitely letting the heat out! If your conservatory isn’t well sealed from the weather, you can find yourself experiencing dampness, potentially reducing the overall life and efficiency of the room.


How can a tiled roof help?

Our highly insulated, lightweight tiled roof system ensures that your conservatory stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer – lowering your overall heating and electricity bills. 

We can convert all types of conservatory roofs, large or small using high quality lightweight tiles, available in a choice of colours, which are superior for thermal insulation and also noise reduction (no more noisy rain!). Your new conservatory roof can be watertight within a day! Have a look at our before and after photographs here for more inspiration.

Why should you choose Thermolite?

With over 30 years of experience, our owners Gary and Joe, build top quality tiled roof conversions for any conservatory.  Unlike some of the bigger companies, we are local and only use time served tradesmen.  We don’t send salesmen out to give quotes, Gary and Joe visit you onsite, to discuss your specific needs and provide a professional advice.  Measuring your new conservatory roof is completely free of charge, and we can prepare most of it in our local workshop before installation. 

At Thermolite, our company ethos is to provide high quality conservatory conversions at competitive prices, coupled with the kind of service only a local company can provide. We work quickly and efficiently – your new roof can be watertight in just one day and the installation complete within 3 days, minimising any disruption.  We also hold the environment in high regard when it comes to our conservatory roofing systems and materials – read more about the timber that we use here. All of our work is fully compliant with British Building Regulations and comes with a 10 Year Guarantee. 

More and more homeowners are realising that they can get a great deal more from their conservatory if they convert to a new lightweight tiled roof. See how we can help you today! Fill out a quick contact form or call 01244 888817 to book your free consultation.