Are Garden Rooms Worth It? 4 Reasons You Need A Garden Room


Are you looking to make a change to your home but aren’t quite sure what to change? You aren’t the only one… These kinds of big purchase decisions aren’t easy to make, especially when it comes to making changes to your home. But if it’s more floor space you want without the stress or cost most home projects come with, Garden Rooms are for you. 

And to prove it, Thermolite Roofs have listed 4 ways Garden Rooms can benefit you. 

1. Garden Rooms Often Don’t Require Any Planning Permission

Those of you who’ve made (or attempted to make) changes to your home in the past will know just how stressful, time-consuming, and costly applying for planning permission can be. For those of you who’ve not dealt with the planning permission process before, simply put, it’s a real headache. 

It should come as music to your ears then that Garden Rooms often require absolutely no planning permission whatsoever. This is of course provided that you comply with certain rules and regulations. 

Garden Rooms are classed as ‘outbuildings’ and as long as this criteria is met whereby they are not used as sleeping accommodation then planning permission isn’t needed. If you were to use this as accommodation, then you would need to follow the required building regulations. For more information regarding outbuilding and planning permission, click here.

Confirming whether or not a property needs planning permission is as simple as applying for a lawful development certificate (LDC) through your local council’s Planning Portal.

2. Garden Rooms Add Value To Your Home

Garden Rooms are a perfect way of adding more space to a home without compromising or changing the overall layout of the house and are a great alternative to extending or upsizing. 

But are garden rooms expensive?

Unfortunately, Garden Rooms aren’t free but don’t be put off by this. As you’d expect the increased floor space and ‘wow-factor’ that comes with Garden Rooms will add value to your home, provided you market it appropriately and not as a ‘posh shed’. 

Garden Rooms can add up to 5% to the resale price of your property, enough to cover the cost of installation in some cases. This makes them one of the most (if not the most) cost-effective solutions to adding more floor space to a property available on the market.

3. Garden Rooms Make The Perfect Office Space 

The events of 2020 shook up conventional office life for good.

Many of us were made to work from home when the pandemic hit and now a whole year on, as measures relax and normality slowly returns a lot of us remain remote workers. And Garden Rooms are a must-have for anyone looking for a dedicated working space in their home.

Not convinced? Then picture this…the television’s on, someone’s hoovering upstairs, the dog won’t stop barking and you’ve got an important client on the other end of the phone. Does this nightmare scenario sound familiar to you? Fortunately, Garden Rooms act as a solution to this by providing you with an office space away from the interruptions of the home. 

60% of people are reported to still be working from home in 2021, why not benefit from this?

Dedicated office spaces are fast becoming an essential feature for modern homeowners and a Garden Room office will make your home even more appealing to prospective buyers. 

4. A Great Alternative To Gyms 

One of the biggest adjustments of 2020 was working out from home instead of a gym. Some weren’t keen on the change, but many fell in love with the convenience of exercising in their own garden and scrapped their memberships for good. Even now as gyms start to reopen, 46.67% of people advised that they won’t be returning. 

And is it any wonder why? For some, paying out the nose each month for a 30-minute commute to a noisy, overcrowded gym with no free equipment isn’t all that appealing.

Instead, people have ditched the living room workouts for a proper gym set up in their Garden Room. 

With more than enough space for any kind of workout, Garden Rooms have space for free weights, benches, treadmills, punching bags, and much more. Gone are the days of exercising around the family pet. 

Garden Rooms are a cost-effective means of creating more space in your home without the hassle and cost that comes with most renovation. Contact us on 01244 888817 for a free quote.