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Garden rooms are a fantastic way to provide more space in your home and make excellent use of your garden. From games rooms to home offices, the possibilities are endless. They cost a fraction of the price compared to an extension or conservatory and add additional value to your home, all in the idyllic surroundings of your garden.

Garden rooms are fully insulated and completely waterproof, with roof, wall and floor insulation. The lining helps to keep the room dry, robust and pleasant all year round. They are individually designed for the purpose of human comfort, combining an outdoor feel with indoor comforts.

So, who needs a garden room?

If you’re looking for a little extra space without wanting to move and take on additional mortgage commitments, then a garden room would be a great enhancement. This is particularly the case if you’re older and cutting back on working hours. For younger couples, Garden rooms are perfect for those looking for additional space but reluctant to move as you have friends and family in the area and children who go to a great school. A garden room presents a cost-effective way to generate more space and provide peace of mind knowing you don’t have any extra hefty mortgage payments.

Installation of Garden Rooms

One of the most common questions asked is whether planning permission is needed for garden buildings. Many garden rooms do not require planning permission for installation as long as they follow certain guidelines, particularly making sure the outbuilding is built to less than 2.5m in height. Thermolites roofs construct all garden rooms specifically tailored to your needs and meet all the requirements of building regulations, so there is nothing to worry about when ensuring building regulations are met.

The Benefits of Garden Rooms

Garden Rooms are very versatile – The possibilities are endless! They can be used for:

  • Gym
  • Spa
  • Home Office
  • Games Room
  • Music Room
  • Kids Playroom

Minimal disruption to your home life – Built quickly!

Unlike house extensions and conservatories that can take many months to build, garden rooms can take a matter of days! They are also built outside and away from the home, so there is no mess or interruption of your daily life. Combining these two factors, garden rooms are the perfect solution to many problems families face when deciding to extend the area within their homes.

Furthermore, as there are fewer elements involved with building a garden room, there is less potential for delays caused by labour or delivery issues, so a garden room can be erected quickly and efficiently.

Space Gaining Solution

There are numerous reasons as to why you may need additional space, and for many cases, a garden room creates the perfect solution. If you are a young family and are in need of space away from your hectic home life, then this could be a great resolution. During the pandemic, many people are working from home and no gyms are currently operating. Therefore, garden rooms make a great solution to an at-home gym or a home office space, without adding additional clutter to your home.

Garden rooms provide a solution by affording owners with a luxurious home gym. Moreover, with more than a million people working from home, garden rooms might just be that little bit of peace and quiet needed when working remotely? The extra space could also give you the privacy you need at any time of the day, without the disturbance of family members.

More Cost-Effective

Garden rooms are considerably cheaper to build than conservatories or extensions, making them a perfect investment for when you require additional space.

Why Garden Rooms Should Be Your Next Purchase

Overall, garden rooms provide the perfect solution when it comes to wanting an additional sanctuary at a fraction of the cost. They can be placed just a stone’s throw away from your house and will give you the extra space you desire, enhancing your life and making you question why you never invested in one sooner.

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