8 Ways in Which Our Roofs Are Environmentally Friendly

We treat the environment like it’s our best friend…

At Thermolite Roofs, we ensure that all our conservatory roofs are as environmentally friendly as possible.

Installing an environmentally friendly roof has a whole host of economical, ecological, and societal benefits – all of which are align with Thermolite Roof’s core values as a company. With waste a continuous threat to the safety of our planet, our main goal is to be as environmentally conscious as we possibly can. To shed light on this, we have listed the top 8 environmental benefits of our roofs.

Clean Air

Think of trees as the world’s air filtration system. Every day, through photosynthesis, forests all over the globe ingest CO2, locking in the carbon, and generating fresh oxygen. Over a year, just one acre of the forest will absorb twice the CO2 produced by an average car.

Energy Efficient

The energy used to harvest, process, and deliver the timber for our roofs is extremely low. This reduces the typically embodied carbon footprint of a timber structure. We use a state of the art wood burner, with an emissions regulator to produce energy for the factory (hot water
and heating)

Wood Shavings

All our wood shavings are collected and bagged up for distribution. We supply to small local businesses free of charge.

Minimal Waste

We use recycled materials during production to dramatically reduce waste to landfill. Södra’s timber mills use everything harvested. Approximately 50% of log volume becomes sawn timber. The rest is used by the pulp industry and wood board industry


All timbers in our production process are sourced from companies involved in using timber from replenishable forest programs and where 3 trees are re-planted for every one used. Harvesting and replanting forests sustainably keep the tree stock young and growing, which maximises the capture of carbon.

CO2 absorption

Trees absorb most CO2 whilst they are growing, then as they age absorption declines. Each cubic meter of timber locks in about a tonne of carbon. Unless the wood is either burnt or rots, the carbon remains safely stored.


Before deciding which trees to fell, our timber supplier will fly drones to identify zones that
should be left alone. By leaving certain areas of woodland undisturbed, we ensure that wildlife continues to flourish.

Exceptional Performance

There is no construction material available that offers more environmental benefits than timber does. Renewable, non-toxic, recyclable, bio-degradable, and forests absorb CO2. Creatingtimber also uses far less energy than steel or aluminum.