Are you considering clad over roofing for your conservatory?


Wrap Over, Wrap under, Wrap Around, also terms used to describe a roof consisting of materials to insulate and cover either internally, externally or both. 

This procedure will never involve completely taking down your existing conservatory roof which can cause huge structural problems to your property and potentially be extremely dangerous. Sadly, since the growth of this new lucrative market, numerous companies have started up carrying out non conforming alterations. 

Generally these types of roofs do not conform with LBC requirements and may have to be removed if you come to sell your property in the future. Conservatory roofs are only engineered for their original purpose. Whether it is glass or polycarbonate, your existing roof is designed to withstand heavy snow loads and high winds and should not have any additional materials added to change the appearance.

 Solid roofs need to be much more rigid therefore any original rafters and ridges must be completely removed to avoid leaks, cracked plasterboard or even worse…… from falling down!

To provide some insight into the dangers of clad over roofing, here is a list of the top 6 issues when incorporating this style of roofing in your conservatory.

1. Structural Integrity 

Structural integrity is vital for the safety of you and your family. NO structural calculations are carried out for Clad Over roofs. 

2. Building Control 

Generally Clad Over roofs do NOT comply with building regulations due to their low thermal performance and lack of structural calculations.

3. Condensation

Leaving in original aluminium bars will create condensation issues due to there being NO thermal barrier. This will create leaks, damp patches and plaster cracks. 

4. Natural Light

Clad over roofs come without the option of glass panels or opening vents which will remove the options for any additional light

5. Suitable fixings 

Your existing conservatory roof has no fixing solution for a clad over roof. Drilling into existing bars can have extreme effects to the structural integrity of the roofing structure.

6. Investment Payback 

Adding a solid roof to your conservatory will add value to your home. A Clad over WILL NOT. You may need to completely remove your Clad Over roof when you come to see your home.

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